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1038: print: Printer routine for Sinclair ZX Printer or Alphacom 32.
Portions of this routine are adapted from the BASIC ROM 'COPY_LINE' routine.
print 1038 LD HL,$45ED Change routine at NMI_JUMP to 'RETN; NOP' to ignore NMI.
103E LD B,$C0 Set B to 192 as line counter.
1040 LD HL,$4000 Set HL to start of display RAM.
print_line 1043 PUSH HL preserve registers.
1044 PUSH BC
1045 LD A,B If line number < 3 then A = $02 (motor slow) else A = $00 (motor fast).
1046 CP $03
1048 SBC A,A
1049 AND $02
104B OUT ($FB),A Output byte in A to printer and store in D
104D LD D,A
wait_for_stylus 104E IN A,($FB) Read byte from printer into A and double it.
1050 ADD A,A
1051 JP M,no_printer If bit 7 set (D6 was set in input) then no printer present. Jump to no_printer.
1054 JR NC,wait_for_stylus If carry flag not set (D7 was clear in input) then retry.
1056 LD C,$20 Set C to 32 as column counter.
print_byte 1058 LD E,(HL) Load next bitmap into E from display address in HL and increment HL.
1059 INC HL
105A LD B,$08 Set B to 8 as bit counter.
print_bit 105C RL D Pre rotate D left.
105E RL E Rotate bitmap in E left.
1060 RR D Rotate overflowed bit right into high bit of D (printer stylus power bit).
wait_for_encoder 1062 IN A,($FB) Read byte from printer into A loop until bit 0 (signal from encoder disc) is clear.
1064 RRA
1065 JR NC,wait_for_encoder
1067 LD A,D Output byte in D to printer.
1068 OUT ($FB),A
106A DJNZ print_bit Decrement bit counter and loop back to print_bit until counter equals zero.
106C DEC C Decrement column counter and loop back to print_byte until counter equals zero.
106D JR NZ,print_byte
106F POP BC Restore registers.
1070 POP HL
1071 INC H Increment high byte of display address (next line).
1072 LD A,H If low 3 bits of H are not zero jump to same_third.
1073 AND $07
1075 JR NZ,same_third
1077 LD A,L Else add 32 to low byte of display address.
1078 ADD A,$20
107A LD L,A
107B CCF If result overflowed then subtract 8 from high byte of display address (by adding $F8) to rewind to correct row.
107C SBC A,A
107D AND $F8
107F ADD A,H
1080 LD H,A
same_third 1081 DJNZ print_line Decrement line counter and loop back to print_line until counter equals zero.
This entry point is used by the routine at no_printer.
print_0 1083 LD BC,$0000 Set BC to zero.
print_1 1086 XOR A
1087 OUT ($FB),A Output $00 to printer (motor fast).
1089 DEC BC Decrement counter.
108A LD A,C Loop back to print_1 until BC equals zero.
108B OR B
108C JR NZ,print_1
108E LD A,$04 Output $04 to printer (motor off).
1090 OUT ($FB),A
1092 LD HL,$69C3 Change routine at NMI_JUMP to 'JP NMI_ISR' to re-enable normal NMI routine.
1098 CALL set_hardware_counter Set hardware line counter ready for next video field and return.
109B RET
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