Engine photos and another annoying bolt 
Some more photos to show what I've been up to:

Lots of nice new primer instead of grotty blistered grey paint and rust.

Some new parts from fergiland like the air breather.

The lift pump is a pain to attach to the block - it originally had a pair of UNF studs and nuts securing the pump body. These are basically impossible to tighten properly with a normal spanner as you can only ever see two flats at a time. I replaced them with a pair of hex cap bolts which are so much easier to tighten!

As you can see above I've removed the front axle and radius arms etc to get better access to the sides of the block. On the left hand side the nut securing the radius rod to the axle turned relatively easy and the bolt just slid out. On the right hand side things were not so easy... I had to cut all the way through the nut with the rotary tool and open it out with a chisel to get it to turn and even then the bolt was stuck fast.

Some heat on the axle and some heavy blows with a sledge hammer eventually got it to move but of course by then the end of the bolt was spread out too wide for the hole so that had to all be ground back. Eventually after more hammering and grinding it finally popped out. I don't know how easily you can tell from the photo but the bolt is curved between where it goes through the radius arm and into the axle beam. Whether this is where it jammed I don't know but it was certainly a real pain to remove. Next issue of course is replacing it as it's on of the unusual bolts with the 1.1/16" head.

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More Photos 

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Little Helper 
Finally taken a photo!

This is my niece, doing a grand job sanding parts for me while I paint the block (or make an awful mess as the case may be).

No proper progress photos sadly as by the time I'd finished it was tipping down with rain. It's hard enough to get around the tractor to paint stuff with it in the garage, let alone take photos.

Today's progress:
Painted more of the block and cylinder head (and the bell housing, and the timing cover, and the floor...)

Dismantled and cleaned out the lift pump - there was rather a lot of grass trapped in there! Oh and a "Top Tip" for anyone dismantling their pump... Make a note of how it goes together first before taking it apart and getting covered in diesel and degreaser. Had to get Mum to look online for a photo while I stood in the doorway dripping.

The last job was putting the side cover that I etch primed the other day back on the engine with the gasket glued on and blue on the bolts.

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Tractor Weather 
Would anyone believe that the reason I've not blogged since October was that the weather was too bad for tractoring?

Okay so the truth is I did quite a bit at the end of the year and just never got around to updating this page... Still no photos I'm afraid but hopefully I'll remember to take some in the next few days.

Since I last blogged I have sorted out my piston problems - some more cleaning revealed that the number 1 piston was utterly ruined. Who put it in the engine and why is a mystery but I'm almost certain that it was already scrap before it went in as it has huge lumps gouged out of it (all obscured by carbon before) but there's no corresponding damage to the engine. The other three pistons actually had very little wear so the new rings fitted very well. They're all back assembled in the engine with one shiny new piston and the head back on and torqued down.

Today I've been stripping paint off the sides of the block and going over the metal with a course sandpaper to provide a key for some primer, hopefully I'll get that on in the next day or two. I also need to etch prime all the alloy covers, the inlet manifold, the sump etc and get those bolted on properly with the new gaskets in. Once all that's done I should be able to (finally!) put some oil in and turn the engine over. I ran plenty down the cylinders etc when I re-assembled but it's been sitting dripping away into an old rug since then. The sooner I can get the sump back on the better!

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Piston Problems 
When stripping down the engine I broke a couple of rings on the first piston. I got a set of rings (Sparex) to fit on the number one piston with the idea of measuring all the gaps etc and comparing against my other three pistons to decide whether they need replacing or not.
Unfortunately I've come up against a number of issues...

First question: How should the number four oil ring be fitted?
The originals are all a sandwich of two thin rings and one wiggly one.
The Sparex one has three thin rings!

Second question: Why is there a lug in the fifth ring groove? It stops the ring fitting - it's not possible to compress it enough to fit into the liner.

Third issue: one of my pistons is not the same as the other three!
Number one piston has the lower oil ring groove, the other three are the original type.

Final problem: The top groove appears to be wider than the ring, with a thinner and deeper groove at its centre. When in this inner groove the ring compresses right down so should fit into the liner, however when loosening the compressing tool to slide the piston down it jumps up out of the inner groove and sits on the lip. The ring then is sat on this larger diameter part and can't be compressed enough to push down into the liner.

I've sliced one finger tip open already so am calling it a night now!

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