Four wheels again 
After a week or two of doing nothing on the tractor I've finally got my arse in gear and finished the right hand rear wheel.

I got the CORRECT oil seal today and the whole thing went back together in a few minutes. I re-assembled the brake linkages on that side and set them up so there's no slop and the brake works beautifully.

Now I just need to get the other side apart... the brakes are absolutely solid on the left. The issue with that side is that I can't jack it up at the moment. Someone has done some "maintenance" at some point and tightened up the hydraulic take off pipe (to stop it leaking I guess). The problem is that it's turned away from the tractor as it's been tightened and the pipe is now right where I want to build my pile of bricks under the axle.

Once I get that put right and jack the left side up it should be fairy plain sailing (providing I can get the brake linkages apart in-situ. I don't really want to have to take the half shaft out cause the seal on that side doesn't leak, but I bet it would after I hauled the half shaft spline through it.

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Well it appears I've made a bit of a cockup. The secondary oil seal (that I spend all yesterday afternoon fitting) is not suitable for my tractor.

The design of the rear axle trumpets changed at tractor No. 325001, moving the oil seal to the end of the trumpet instead of behind the wheel bearing. I will have to see if the sure seal can in fact work and if not get the damn thing back out again.


I'm now 30 quid down and no closer to stopping the oil leaking out into my brakes :(

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well my bits arrived from Agriline this morning.

I can't say I'm overly impressed as the gaskets are wrong. They will fit with a bit of trimming so it's not worth the postage returning them, but they are clearly "wrong". The ends of the trumpets on the TEF20 have six studs holding the brake parts on. These gaskets have twelve holes, and in addition to that, the internal diameter was too small so I've had to trim them to fit. Oh well.

The sure fit seals seem to fit fine (once you manage to squeeze them over the splined end!) Unfortunately I haven't got any grease so I couldn't fit everything back on the tractor today. This is probably for the best since I'm also waiting for some nut splitters to try again getting the long bolts out that hold the mudguards on. It'll be much easier to get those out while the wheel is still off I think.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the bits of the tractor that I've exposed by removing the wheel and brake linkages. Every time you wash off the muck that is free it simply exposes a new tougher strata of grime underneath! Hopefully now that I've got more grass off I should be able to use the degreaser to get the rest back to the paint/metal/rust (delete as appropriate).

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I put the fuel tank back on yesterday and bled the air out of the fuel system. The engine started easily and without incident apart from sneezing sooty rainwater from the exhaust system all over me on the first exhaust stroke.
The engine seems to be running very smoothly, there's no obvious clattering knocking sounds which is good. Also my core plugs seem to have sealed fine as there was no more water leaking out (well only at the drain tap on the bottom of the radiator, but that's cause it was loose)
We had the Playing Field's MF35 out of the shed today (just to get at an old mower buried behind it) and it's amazing to note the difference in the sounds of the engine. My SMC engine purrs nicely chug-chug-chug, the Perkins in the 35 on the other hand sounds more like a fishing boat Tunk-Tunk-Tunk-Tunk
I still haven't received the parts I ordered from Agriline, I'll have to contact them tomorrow and see if they've sent them yet. Until I get those seals and gaskets I can't really get on any further. (All I can do is more cleaning, bleh)

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brakes and primer 
The brakes have sat in the garage all night with solvent on the pads, looks pretty clean and doesn't feel oily when you run your finger across it any more. I think I'll just wait and see if it can stop the tractor now.

A lot of paint flaked off the dashboard when I was straightening it. So I finished the job off with paint stripper.

Then sanded it and gave it a coat of primer, I think it looks rather nice already

Oh, regarding the oil seal, it leaked. I'll get the secondary seals and gaskets ordered ASAP, so I can get on and reassemble the tractor.

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