I put the fuel tank back on yesterday and bled the air out of the fuel system. The engine started easily and without incident apart from sneezing sooty rainwater from the exhaust system all over me on the first exhaust stroke.
The engine seems to be running very smoothly, there's no obvious clattering knocking sounds which is good. Also my core plugs seem to have sealed fine as there was no more water leaking out (well only at the drain tap on the bottom of the radiator, but that's cause it was loose)
We had the Playing Field's MF35 out of the shed today (just to get at an old mower buried behind it) and it's amazing to note the difference in the sounds of the engine. My SMC engine purrs nicely chug-chug-chug, the Perkins in the 35 on the other hand sounds more like a fishing boat Tunk-Tunk-Tunk-Tunk
I still haven't received the parts I ordered from Agriline, I'll have to contact them tomorrow and see if they've sent them yet. Until I get those seals and gaskets I can't really get on any further. (All I can do is more cleaning, bleh)

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brakes and primer 
The brakes have sat in the garage all night with solvent on the pads, looks pretty clean and doesn't feel oily when you run your finger across it any more. I think I'll just wait and see if it can stop the tractor now.

A lot of paint flaked off the dashboard when I was straightening it. So I finished the job off with paint stripper.

Then sanded it and gave it a coat of primer, I think it looks rather nice already

Oh, regarding the oil seal, it leaked. I'll get the secondary seals and gaskets ordered ASAP, so I can get on and reassemble the tractor.

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More brake cleaning/dismantling 
Having cleaned the muck off the brake pads I can see that they are practically new. I'm guessing that the brakes pads were replaced before the tractor was supplied to it's last owner. I am also beginning to wonder if when this was done a gasket was missed out and that is why the oil has always leaked from that halfshaft.

This is going to be controversial but I'm not going to replace the contaminated brake parts at this time. I might try cleaning them by soaking them in petrol and burning all the oil and petrol off as I've read that that can be quite effective.

I'm going to need new gaskets of course, and a new shim for the end of the trumpet housing (there were three and one has disintegrated!) I need to find out where the gaskets should go and how many I need.
There is the remains of a gasket on the outside face of the brake plate (away from the tractor) but no sign of anything on the other side where it mates with the trumpet or between the shims, this makes me wonder if this is where the oil has come from. (I've got the halfshaft/bearing assembly standing in a bowl in the garage with the trumpet side of the bearing and oil seal filled to the brim with oil. Tomorrow I will see how much has escaped through the bearing and into the bowl)

I plan to get a pair of secondary oil seals to fit in the trumpets while I have them apart, there's no way I can replace the existing seals if I need to anyway as I don't have a gas torch etc.

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Squeaky Brakes?... 
This afternoon I put the lower half of the dash, and the bracket which goes behind it back on the tractor. I also fitted the fuel filters back on and connected the lines up, this helps keep weather out of the fuel system and also clears some of the clutter off the garage floor.

I keep saying that I need to do the brakes before any other job, and then doing another job, so today I finally got around to jacking the back end up and starting on the right hand side brake.

having got the wheel off it also means I can get at the long bolts holding the mudguards on. How I'll ever get them off I still don't know...

Getting the brakes apart proved to be a hellishly awkward job. Everything is jammed up and clogged with greasy mank. In the end I got the whole right hand wheel assembly off the tractor, I'll have to spend tomorrow trying to get it all apart.

The brakes are totally ruined with oil as I expected :(

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More Cleaning 
nothing particularly interesting today, just more cleaning.

ain't that a mighty fine looking shiny grey top cover.

This intrigues me though:

why is the undercoat on this casting yellow instead of red?

I cleaned the diesel tank today (inside and out, now how do I dry the bloody thing out...)

and after:

The garage is getting a bit full now.

I know I said I wanted to get the tractor inside, but I didn't mean one bit at a time!

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