Fuel tank filler 
Doing a big tidy up in the garage today I un-buried my fuel tank and decided to finally have a proper look at my filler cap issue.

Anyway, this afternon I successfully de-soldered the existing neck without blowing myself up so now I can show in detail what was present.

This then is what was soldered into the tank. I incorrectly stated originally that it was two pieces of metal, but I see now that the grove is just machined into the part.
The inside diameter of the tube is 2" and the wall is a touch over 1/16th thick. The flange around the top is about 2.5" in diameter.
I can only assume that at some point the cap was lost and the whole cap assembly changed before the replacement cap was lost a second time as far back as anyone can remember. All speculation of course.

My second photo is the cap I have now.

My hope now is that I can get a friend to turn me a new neck to fit the cap that I can solder back into the tank.
Does anyone happen to know what the thread is supposed to be on the cap? My best attempt at measuring suggests 10tpi.

Alternatively does anyone have a scrap tank with a salvageable neck they would sell?

I'm assuming that the real filler neck is similarly attached to the tank of course. If not I'm not sure what I do next.


I think if I were you I would take your cap to a plumbers merchant or somewhere similar and try to get a brass pipe reducing bush which is threaded inside and outside. I would try to get the outside thread that fits your cap (I don't know for sure but would think your cap would be BSP British standard pipe thread) then you could cut off the hex bit of the bush and braze/solder this to the tank..

Just my thoughts! Mark

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