Little Helper 
Finally taken a photo!

This is my niece, doing a grand job sanding parts for me while I paint the block (or make an awful mess as the case may be).

No proper progress photos sadly as by the time I'd finished it was tipping down with rain. It's hard enough to get around the tractor to paint stuff with it in the garage, let alone take photos.

Today's progress:
Painted more of the block and cylinder head (and the bell housing, and the timing cover, and the floor...)

Dismantled and cleaned out the lift pump - there was rather a lot of grass trapped in there! Oh and a "Top Tip" for anyone dismantling their pump... Make a note of how it goes together first before taking it apart and getting covered in diesel and degreaser. Had to get Mum to look online for a photo while I stood in the doorway dripping.

The last job was putting the side cover that I etch primed the other day back on the engine with the gasket glued on and blue on the bolts.


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