the next brick wall 
The good news is that my dad's friend managed to undo the wheel nuts with his hardened steel socket and huge bar. The bad news is that now I've got the wheel off I'm stuck again. I can't shift the set screws that hold the drum on, they're rusted hard. I guess I'll be drilling those out, that'll be a long and annoying job with our blunt drill bits.

In other bad news the welds to the broken casting didn't hold, so I'm still looking for a replacement for that. Oh and the steering shaft itself is bent and mangled too so THAT needs replacing as well.

And it's been raining all day, so all I did was fiddle about in the garage getting the ki gass pump to bits. bah.


Ken Lowe 
Trick for getting countersunk flat head screws loose after they are rusted in place... or for that matter any rusted bolt in place is to use a TIG welder and use the focusted heat to heat just the bolt or nut in question. Let it get red, stop the TIG torch let it cool and it will remove easily.
On my Fergy I did have to use a chizel to start the countersunk bolts in the brake drum even though they were saturated in oil.
Ken Lowe

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