I put the fuel tank back on yesterday and bled the air out of the fuel system. The engine started easily and without incident apart from sneezing sooty rainwater from the exhaust system all over me on the first exhaust stroke.
The engine seems to be running very smoothly, there's no obvious clattering knocking sounds which is good. Also my core plugs seem to have sealed fine as there was no more water leaking out (well only at the drain tap on the bottom of the radiator, but that's cause it was loose)
We had the Playing Field's MF35 out of the shed today (just to get at an old mower buried behind it) and it's amazing to note the difference in the sounds of the engine. My SMC engine purrs nicely chug-chug-chug, the Perkins in the 35 on the other hand sounds more like a fishing boat Tunk-Tunk-Tunk-Tunk
I still haven't received the parts I ordered from Agriline, I'll have to contact them tomorrow and see if they've sent them yet. Until I get those seals and gaskets I can't really get on any further. (All I can do is more cleaning, bleh)


One of my core plugs has blowen out and is rusty. How would i go about fixing it? Niall (

Administrator (Alistair) 
Hi Niall
The first note is that that blog entry was written before I discovered that what I was calling a "core plug" is apparently not in fact called that. What I replaced were a pair of the concave discs in the water circuit of the block. They are apparently called "welch washers".
I'm not an expert or anything but I found fitting it relatively straightforward though fiddly. Firstly I took the rusty plug to a parts supplier and he picked me a new one out of a box by eye. He told me to push it into the hole concave side inwards, then bash the dome in with a mallet. One sealed ok, but the one near the bottom of the block was a bit leaky, so I did it again with a much more liberal amount of liquid gasket compound.

One thing I would advise is to make sure the area is accessible as possible, plenty of room to swing a mallet etc. Depending on where the blown out plug is you might have to dismantle quite a bit of the air system or electrical bits. Good luck

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