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  • 2014
    • March
      • Fuel tank filler
        Doing a big tidy up in the garage today I un-buried my fuel tank and decided to finally have a proper look at my filler cap issue.

        Anyway, this afternon I successfully de-soldered the existing neck without blowing myself up so now I can show in detail what was present.

  • 2013
    • April
      • Restoring the Steering Box
        Yikes, almost another year without a blog post... I've haven't totally abandoned the tractor though!
        Since the last entry I have been restoring the steering box casting and taking loads photos at each stage to present all at once showing my progress from start to finish.


  • 2012
    • May
      • Engine photos and another annoying bolt
        Some more photos to show what I've been up to:

        Lots of nice new primer instead of grotty blistered grey paint and rust.

        Some new parts from fergiland like the air breather.

        The lift pump is a pain to attach to the block - it o

    • April
      • More Photos

      • Little Helper
        Finally taken a photo!

        This is my niece, doing a grand job sanding parts for me while I paint the block (or make an awful mess as the case may be).

        No proper progress photos sadly as by the time I'd finished it was tipping down with rain. It's hard enough

    • March
      • Tractor Weather
        Would anyone believe that the reason I've not blogged since October was that the weather was too bad for tractoring?

        Okay so the truth is I did quite a bit at the end of the year and just never got around to updating this page... Still no photos I'm afraid but hopefully I&

  • 2011
    • October
      • Piston Problems
        When stripping down the engine I broke a couple of rings on the first piston. I got a set of rings (Sparex) to fit on the number one piston with the idea of measuring all the gaps etc and comparing against my other three pistons to decide whether they need replacing or not.
        Unfortunately I'

      • Getting on
        I finally got myself sorted and took my head off to a workshop and had it done. It's back with new guides, valves, and a couple of inserts on the two really bad seats.

        This afternoon I put all the springs on and then stood in the garage talking to my dad for about an hour, and making

    • July
      • Valves
        Right, the valves are out and everything cleaned. It's looking like it's going to be an expensive trip to a reconditioning workshop for my head :(

        The exhaust valves are very badly recessed and a couple of the valve stems are very sloppy in their guides. The exhausts are far wor

    • May
      • Opening the engine
        Well still no photos I'm afraid, I really must remember to take some next time the sun comes out!

        I've finally opened the engine and seen the extent of the carbon deposits. Cylinder 1 is worst, number 4 is bad, with 2 and 3 fairly clean (in comparison!). There is a good 5mm thic

    • March
      • Steering again
        I finally got around to acquiring a replacement steering casting to replace the cracked and crumbling original. I bought it off J. P. Bell of Scunthorpe. His shed is an Aladdin's cave with tractor parts from floor to ceiling so I'm sure I'll be visiting him again!

        I removed

  • 2010
    • August
      • Back together

        The back end is all back together and filled with fresh oil!

        I've jacked one of the wheels up so the diff could turn and run the tractor for a bit to work all the oil around the gears and diff.

        The lift arms shoot up instantly now and don't drop with me sa

    • July
      • Squidgy Muck
        Today I cracked open the back end and removed the pump and lifting parts. The inside of the back end was in a terrible state with thick muck in every crevice, it's no wonder the hydraulics weren't very effective. After flushing out the muck with petrol and a very thorough hose down it'

      • New Bits
        Drill bits that is... I've got some tractor bits on order at my local MF dealer too, but I won't get them until Thursday.
        I've been preparing for the job of stripping down the hydraulic system, which can commence just as soon as I get the bolts I need to put the wheel back on so

      • Drilling Screws
        This is one of the two screws that secures the left hand brake drum:

        That took some serious drilling and chiselling (well ok, blunt screwdrivering, I don't have a proper chisel but it's a hot day, the metal is very soft)

        amazingly the only rust is on the s

    • June
      • the next brick wall
        The good news is that my dad's friend managed to undo the wheel nuts with his hardened steel socket and huge bar. The bad news is that now I've got the wheel off I'm stuck again. I can't shift the set screws that hold the drum on, they're rusted hard. I guess I'll be dr

    • May
      • Topless Oil Wrestling
        Man vs Machine

        Today's job was supposed to be taking the left wheel off, but those rusty wheel nuts aren't playing along. Yesterday I found I was bending the tommy bar trying to shift them, so today found a much bigger and more solid bar to get some leverage going...

      • Four wheels again
        After a week or two of doing nothing on the tractor I've finally got my arse in gear and finished the right hand rear wheel.

        I got the CORRECT oil seal today and the whole thing went back together in a few minutes. I re-assembled the brake linkages on that side and set them up so the

      • Cockup
        Well it appears I've made a bit of a cockup. The secondary oil seal (that I spend all yesterday afternoon fitting) is not suitable for my tractor.

        The design of the rear axle trumpets changed at tractor No. 325001, moving the oil seal to the end of the trumpet instead of behind the w

    • April
      • Delivery
        well my bits arrived from Agriline this morning.

        I can't say I'm overly impressed as the gaskets are wrong. They will fit with a bit of trimming so it's not worth the postage returning them, but they are clearly "wrong". The ends of the trumpets on the TEF20 have

      • ATCHOOOO-chug-chug-chug
        I put the fuel tank back on yesterday and bled the air out of the fuel system. The engine started easily and without incident apart from sneezing sooty rainwater from the exhaust system all over me on the first exhaust stroke.
        The engine seems to be running very smoothly, there's no obviou

      • brakes and primer
        The brakes have sat in the garage all night with solvent on the pads, looks pretty clean and doesn't feel oily when you run your finger across it any more. I think I'll just wait and see if it can stop the tractor now.

        A lot of paint flaked off the dashboard when I was straight

      • More brake cleaning/dismantling
        Having cleaned the muck off the brake pads I can see that they are practically new. I'm guessing that the brakes pads were replaced before the tractor was supplied to it's last owner. I am also beginning to wonder if when this was done a gasket was missed out and that is why the oil has al

      • Squeaky Brakes?...
        This afternoon I put the lower half of the dash, and the bracket which goes behind it back on the tractor. I also fitted the fuel filters back on and connected the lines up, this helps keep weather out of the fuel system and also clears some of the clutter off the garage floor.

        I keep say

      • More Cleaning
        nothing particularly interesting today, just more cleaning.

        ain't that a mighty fine looking shiny grey top cover.

        This intrigues me though:

        why is the undercoat on this casting yellow instead of red?


      • A Grey Fergie
        Yesterday I attacked the tractor with the hosepipe, I've now got rid of most of the oily grass clippings that were matted on the engine, and the mud around the back end ready for degreasing the engine.

        This is how filthy it was:

        And this is it it al

      • New Tractor Blog
        I decided that it's probably better to have a separate blog for tractor stuff to save muddling it up in with my normal blog.

        I'll copy the existing posts in later.

        Restoring a Ferguson TEF20 Tractor

      • Cooling System Annoyances and Wiring Looms.
        It's been one step forward for two steps back with the tractor, as everything I fix uncovers the next problem. I'd bought a new welch washer to go in the hole in the side of the engine, and spent ages trying to hammer it in. It's in now but when I filled the radiator up it leaks aroun

    • March
      • Flash does the hard work, so you don't have to
        Amazingly the starter solenoid has sprung back to life!
        I gave it a good soaking in Flash and scrubbed all the muck off with an old toothbrush, then washed it all out thoroughly with water. This was just to get it clean enough to handle and see what was what, but after hitting it with screwdriv

      • Tractor!
        Yesterday saw me really start work on my tractor. I've removed the 3 point lift link arms (after lots of heating up nuts with an electric paint stripper and jumping up and down on a socket wrench). The pins through the universal joints attaching the lift rods to the lift shaft arms are rusted s