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      • Topless Oil Wrestling
        Man vs Machine

        Today's job was supposed to be taking the left wheel off, but those rusty wheel nuts aren't playing along. Yesterday I found I was bending the tommy bar trying to shift them, so today found a much bigger and more solid bar to get some leverage going...

      • Four wheels again
        After a week or two of doing nothing on the tractor I've finally got my arse in gear and finished the right hand rear wheel.

        I got the CORRECT oil seal today and the whole thing went back together in a few minutes. I re-assembled the brake linkages on that side and set them up so the

      • Cockup
        Well it appears I've made a bit of a cockup. The secondary oil seal (that I spend all yesterday afternoon fitting) is not suitable for my tractor.

        The design of the rear axle trumpets changed at tractor No. 325001, moving the oil seal to the end of the trumpet instead of behind the w

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