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0451: 48k_pointer_table.
48k_pointer_table 0451 DEFW $E167 (copied to OELWord01).
0453 DEFW $E267 (copied to lone_table_pointers).
0455 DEFW $E467 (copied to escape_table_pointers).
0457 DEFW $E667 (copied to lone_table_values).
0459 DEFW $EA67 (copied to escape_table_values).
045B DEFW $EE67 (copied to page_display_buffer_pointer).
045D DEFW $F267 (copied to page_receive_buffer_pointer).
045F DEFW $F73F (copied to mosaics_font_pointer).
0461 DEFW $FD3F (copied to hamming_decode_table_pointer).
0463 DEFW $F83F (copied to contiguous_blast_through).
0465 DEFW $FB3F (copied to separated_blast_through).
0467 DEFW $FE3F (copied to warm_start_pointer).
0469 DEFW $FEA3 (copied to exit_pointer).
046B DEFW $FED8 (copied to save_page_pointer).
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